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Actors In Action Conservatory of Film and Theatre

It’s the story of empowerment. It’s the story of you. AIACFT – the actor, empowered.

empower yourself

Actors in Action Conservatory of Film and Theatre is a boutique conservatory founded by myself in 2015. I took my 30+ years of professional acting experience – working mostly in the Major Markets of Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles – and with my personal technique which came from studying the greats including Meisner, Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, and David Mamet, etc., I cracked the code on training other actors to do their best work 24/7 no matter the circumstance.

If you train with me I can guarantee you a fail-safe acting process that works every time, bringing you to your best work from auditions to bookings. I don’t know any other acting teacher who promises that. 

– Julie-Anne Liechty, Founder AIACFT

Train with us!

Actors, can you imagine –
ALWAYS feeling confident when you go into an audition?
ALWAYS certain that you will do your best work, even if it’s a cold read?
ALWAYS nailing it teach take on set?

We can give you that.
Come train with us.
Step into a world of empowerment.

We GUARANTEE you a fail-safe acting process that WILL ENSURE YOUR BEST WORK NO MATTER WHAT. Or we give you your money back.